Reba's Kauai Food Drive

2024 Food Drive Collects 584 lbs of Food

A Heartfelt Thank You!heartheartheart

We're thrilled to announce that thanks to your generosity, our 2024 Food Drive has successfully collected 584 lbs of food! Your contributions mean the world to us, and more importantly, to those in need within our community.

In a year when the Food Bank faced a 30% increase in demand amidst a similar decline in donations, your support has been more crucial than ever.

This year, we reached out to 300 homes in our Lihue neighborhoods, and approximately 50 homes responded with donations. To each of you, we extend our deepest gratitude. Many of you have been consistent donors over the years, tirelessly working to support families on Kauai. Your kindness is a true blessing, and we are endlessly grateful for people like you who make a significant difference in our community.

We also want to acknowledge those who may not have contributed directly to our food drive but have offered their support to many other worthy causes. Your generosity and spirit of giving contribute immensely to the wellbeing of our community. Thank you for being such caring and generous individuals!

Our community is a tapestry of diverse ways of giving and supporting each other. Every act of kindness, no matter how small, contributes to the greater good. We believe in the power of community and the difference we can make when we all come together.

Kauai is not just a place of stunning beauty but also a community of incredible spirit and generosity. Thank you for being a part of this journey and for making Kauai, Hawaii, a shining example of compassion and community spirit.

With warm regards,

Paul and Reba Roy



A proud yearly tradition as my way to give back to others.

Since 2012, my husband and I have collected over 5,000 pounds in donations from our neighborhood drives.  Please consider donating this year so that we can continue to help those families that need it most.  - Mahalo

Fill Your bag with items on the Night of Sunday Dec 10th, and we will pick them up Monday Morning, Decemebr 11th to deliver to the food back. 

Call or text us at 808-482-9777 if you have questions, or wish to volunteer to help us.

Aloha Kauai Neighbors,

We hope all is well for you during these uncertain times.

The Food Bank of Kauai has seen an increase of those in need so they are seeking non-perishable food donations.  For this reason, my family is conducting this food drive. 

We will be leaving a shopping bag on your door on Sunday Dec 10, 2023 with instructions on what to donate and we will pick your donation bag up on Monday morning, Dec 11, 2023 to deliver to the Kauai Food Bank on behalf of you and our Neighborhood. 

Feel free to call my husband Paul at 808-482-9777 or if you have questions, need more info, or wish to help us with this food drive.            

Mahalo,  Reba & Paul R