Odds Of Selling Your Kauai Home


As you may be aware, not all the property that is put on the market is sold. Some properties on the market do not sell and are either withdrawn, or have expired. Each graph summarizes all the residential and condo activity in Kauai over the last couple of years. 


Homes Priced from Zero to $2 Million all of Kauai

Reading the Graph - The homes sold, are the actual properties that were SOLD that year. The homes “Withdrawn/Expired” are homes that were listed and then taken off the market because they could not sell for the value they had with the price they were listed at. The homes shown as “For Sale” are the number of homes that were still listed or Contingent Sales at the end of the year.




Homes Priced over $2 Million all of Kauai
# Of Sold Properties DOWN 43% from 2019


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